Tiesto’s New Album, Club Life Vol. 3: Stockholm

By Peter Diez

Last week marked the release of Tiesto’s new album, Club Life Volume 3: Stockholm.  Club Life albums are compilations of some of the hottest tunes during the epoch produced or remixed by Tiesto himself.  The majority of tracks on all three of these volumes are Tiesto originals, while he handpicks a few favorites to sprinkle in between his own masterpieces.  Each Club Life volume is named after a city whose essence is captured in musical form in a one hour long story of sounds.


Volume 3: Stockholm, is different and the same as the previous two volumes.  The first two were similar in their poppy/progressive sound.  Volume 3, while still bringing more of the same, also has several tunes that are darker, heavier, and more pure house-sounding but with Tiesto’s signature futuristic, heavily layered edge and deviation from predictable, repetition and song structure.  What I mean by that, is that instead of the predictable chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, verse, chorus format, some of the songs are almost like a story, like an orchestral, classical music piece that tells a story and might repeat themes but doesn’t repeat the exact same blocks of music in a predictable format, most notably the first track on the album, “Paradise” by Tiesto and Dryo.  This song is pure magic, pure genius, pure bliss.  This is what they play at the gates of heaven after you die and are entering.  At one point there is a sound effect that even sounds like people cheering and screaming, before the song was released, and I used to listen to live rips on YouTube, I thought that it was just the crowd yelling that the mic picked up, but it isn’t, it’s the angel’s cheering for you as your soul transcends your ego and becomes free.



Next on the album is “Take Me” featuring vocalist Kyler England.  I think it’s interesting that Tiesto has chosen to put the two best songs on the album first, back to back; it primes the listener for the rest of the album in a good way.  “Take Me” is along the sound of CL Vol 1 & 2 being progressive and poppy.  When I say poppy I don’t mean cheesy at all, this song is just beautiful but sooo high energy, it sends shivers down my spine every time even though I listen to it several times a day.


The album includes other progressive masterpieces such as Alesso’s “If I Lose Myself”, Hardwell’s “Apollo”, and a new Tiesto original, “Love and Run”.  The album also unveils a harder, housier edge we have not seen from Tiesto in a very long time.  Tunes such as “Shocker” and “Back to the Acid” are a welcome new flavor to the club life series.  “Shocker” is just great, heavy and dark…sounds along the lines of Showtek’s “Cannonball” which btw SO SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON THIS ALBUM, oh well.


The album has a few so-so songs on it, but the majority of them are superb.  Tiesto is one of those artists that practically every song he produces or puts on an album is a masterpiece, In contrast to most artists that have maybe one or two hit singles on an album and the rest are mediocre at best.  My only beef with the album is Tiesto’s remix of Icona Pop’s “I Love It”, I’m sure most of us could have done without that…it has no place amongst gems like “Paradise” and “Shocker”, but If Tiesto has to remix a pop song or two to break into the mainstream and bring the joy of EDM to the masses, I’m ok with that.

UPDATE: Tiësto hears fans, decides to un-cancel mexico gigs

By Peter Diez

Four days after canceling his entire Mexican tour, scheduled to run from May 10th-17th, Tiësto has announced that he will in fact play a few gigs in Mexico now. He has decided to play in Mexico due to the outrage and disappointment expressed by his Mexican fans.  However, instead of the originally planned eight shows he was going to do, there will only be three and the first two are on different dates than the cancelled gigs, while the final one is on the same date and city (Mexico City) as originally scheduled.  Tickets that had been purchased for the cancelled shows will be redeemable for the new ones.


I got to give it to Tiësto, he obviously felt guilty about bailing on a country that has supported him since long before the EDM-explosion happened.  He knew how much it meant to Mexicans, and put whatever his problems were aside to please his fans.  Bravo Tiësto, bravo. During his recent acceptance speech for his EMPO award (EMPO is kind of like the IDMA awards of Mexico) he expressed his appreciation for the energy of the Mexican fans and how they have loved dance music “since the beginning”. He cited Mexico as one of his favorite countries in the world to spin at. Here’s the link to the EMPO award acceptance speech if you’re interested in hearing more about what him and his “little brother” Hardwell think of Mexico.


Hardwell seems to tell every country or crowd he plays for that they are the best in the world though so I wouldn’t take his word for it, but since he’s talking about Mexico maybe I would.

-Peter Diez

Tiësto cancels mexican tour: ¡Ah cabrón!

By Peter Diez

On Tuesday Tiësto announced that he has cancelled his entire Mexican tour due to high production standards not being met. A statement on Tiësto’s facebook page reads, “We regret to announce that Tiësto’s tour of Mexico has been cancelled. Each Tiësto show is planned with the highest level of production in order to make it an unforgettable experience for the fans. However, when it became clear that these high standards could not be met we had no other alternative than to cancel the tour.” Tiësto himself added, “I can’t say enough about my great fans in Mexico and how much I was looking forward to playing in your great country. I appreciate the continued support from my Mexican fans and look forward to returning to Mexico as soon as possible.” – Tiësto

The tour was scheduled to run from May 10th through May 17th and included shows in Monterrey, Zapopan, Queretaro, Tuxtla, Villahermosa, Mérida, Puebla, and Mexico City. So what is Tiësto going to be doing during those dates? We don’t know yet, he doesn’t have any gigs booked yet to replace those but he begins his Las Vegas residency on the 18th.

I really feel for the fans in Mexico, having been to Mexico about 5 times over the last 10 years and been clubbing in Mérida and Cancun quite a bit, I can say that these people bleed dance music. They loved it before it blew up in the states, and the energy per square foot at shows is beyond anything I have witnessed here, and I grew up in Miami. I remember being out at clubs and at the boat regattas in Merida in the early 2000’s; I was under 18, gotta love Mexico ;) and hearing Armin Van Buuren being blasted through the speakers. I had never heard trance music in a club or in public at that point, sure there was house music being played in the states in a few places but I was shocked to hear one of my favorite artists, AVB, being played in public. I remember hearing the Sak Noel hit “Loca People” for the first time on the radio in Mexico, when I returned to the states, the song blew up about 4 months later over here. In other words, EDM is not a fad in Mexico.

Before I start bashing Tiësto let me just say that he is my favorite DJ of all time. Favorite producer, favorite live DJ. Old Tiësto, new Tiësto, I love them both, I like the new Tiësto and his cheese even more than pre-kaleidoscopic Tiësto, feel free to flame away at me now, as I have probably lost all credibility as a music aficionado at this point.

Back to the cancelled Mexico tour. “Failure to meet Tiësto’s high production standards” is a b.s. reason to cancel a tour in Mexico. Fans in Mexico do not go to EDM shows to get out of their mind and stare at pretty lights. They don’t go because everybody else from their fraternity or sorority is going to the show to party. They don’t go to get laid. They go because they love this music, and always have. There was never a hip-hop club era in Mexico, it was always dance music in clubs.

Lets be honest here, people in Mexico aren’t going to shell out as much as Americans for concert tickets, the money just isn’t there like it is in the states. What is this really about? Probably the same thing everything in this greedy world is about, $$$$$!. I find it hard to believe that every single venue he was supposed to spin at in Mexico couldn’t meet the production standards.  They did just pull off ASOT 600 didn’t they?  Why not just cancel the shows at the ones that couldn’t meet the standards? I remember him canceling a show in Jacksonville, FL recently for similar reasons, but this is Mexico Tiesto, not the U.S., cut them some slack for christ’s sake. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some Tiësto shows at LIV or Marquee with $140 price tags pop up real soon to replace the Mexican dates. Perhaps the venues can’t afford to pay Tiësto and fund the production support he demands. If you are canceling shows because you think your Mexican fans will be let down by crappy production, you don’t know your fans, they are going to be much more let down by not getting to see Tiësto at all.

Mexicans do not get to see their favorite EDM artists anywhere near as much as people living in Miami, LA, and LV. They look forward for years….yes yearS plural, to see their favorite DJ. Mexican fans are not going to go home after a Tiësto show and say, “that show sucked, the light show was weak and the sound quality was no good.” They would be more than thrilled to dance in a dark club as long as Tiësto is pumping the tunes. They wouldn’t complain that he didn’t play any trance and the new Tiësto sucks. I feel for my Mexican “hermanos” and wish you all the experience of witnessing the magic that is a live Tiësto gig very soon.  I wish you that moment, when the lights dim, everybody gets quiet, and “Chasing Summers” drops.  Best. Feeling. Ever.

-Peter Diez


“360 degree turns around R3HAB”

By Nick Altavilla

The month of April has been kind to the ears of EDM lovers. Listeners from all over Orlando have had the chance of a very eclectic group of the scene’s genres. This month Disco Donnie and HTG brought a special treat to one of Orlando’s local nightclubs. Roxy had the pleasure of hosting a special “360 degrees” Thursday night for none of other than one of Dutchhouse’s finest. He has toured with the likes of Afrojack andChuckie. None other than Netherland’s own Fadil El Ghoul, the man all of EDM knows as “R3HAB”.

The Dutch house producer of Moroccan origin has brought his own uniqueness to the world of electronic music. He is known for bringing a different darker style to the world of Dutch house. R3HAB is known for the production of great tracks such as “Rock this Place”, “The Bottle Song”, and one of Orlando’s own personal tracks, “A Night in: EDC Orlando 2012 Anthem”. Many EDM lovers also know the electro house sensation for his great collaborations in tracks such as “Prutataaa” with Afrojack, “Sending My Love” with the help of Swanky Tunes, and “Living for the City” with Shermanology. Although his career began to take off while working with others in the Dutch house genre, R3HAB has slowly developed his own group of followers. Within the last couple years he has taken off and in 2012 he made it to the top one hundred D.J.’s list as number seventy-two. So fans can always expect a great experience when it comes to R3HAB dropping tunes.

As far as the night at Roxy, EDM fans were in for a great surprise. The EDM 360 degree experience provided by HTG and Disco Donnie was one unlike any of the other shows that have come to Roxy in the past. The main room was rotated in a direction that shifted the stage back to back to one of the VIP areas.  This gave the main room a completely different angle, and there were fans all around the stage. A great combination of lighting and sound added to the great experience. The crowd raged and roared to the heavy electro beats that R3HAB provided throughout the night. Great tunes such as “Sending my Love” and new tracks circling the EDM world surfaced the sound, making this show another great success.

In the end many thanks go to R3HAB, HTG, and Disco Donnie for giving us another amazing experience and bringing forth great vibes through the powers of music. Hope everyone can prepare themselves for the next big one. Everyone get ready for Showtek.



By Nick Altavilla
Throughout the last 20 years, the electronic music scene has seen a large number of different artists and performers. It has been a time where a lot of music has been produced and brought forth for the listeners and the supporters of the EDM scene. Over these two decades, the genres and styles of EDM have been progressing and changing; areas from all over the world have contributed their own styles which has allowed the scene to grow to what it is today. Through all of those different genres; drum and bass, progressive house, electro house, dub-step, hardstyle, breaks, and so on. But one genre still circles the globe captivating the hearts and ears of many. This genre is what many of us know as trance.

The trance genre was one of the first styles of EDM to begin attracting fans. But being one of the most popular genres all over the world, it has a large sum of artists who produce for it; artists such as Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Solarstone, Deep Dish, Cosmic Gate, and Above and Beyond are all talented artists who have slowly carried on the style through the last years. Even though these artists are all very talented, Orlando was very happy that trance was exposed at Firestone through none other than the trance duo, Tritonal.

From Austin Texas, Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed are the brilliant minds behind the very popular trance duo everyone knows and loves. The producers began their trance act early back in 2007. Both very talented artists on their own, they decided that each other was what was missing, as their words would say “we complete each other’s musical sentences” and so Tritonal came to be. Rising in an area of EDM as popular trance would have been difficult for many artists. Over the course of the last years, Tritonal has released seventy-five productions including tracks like “Piercing Quiet”, and “Cloudbase”. They have been known to work with companies such as “AjunaBeats”, “Stellar Sounds”, and “In Trance We Trust”. And as of 2011 they released their own record label under the name “Air Up There”; also the name of their last podcast. The uniqueness they bring forth to the genre is enjoyed and appreciated by millions of fans. This is why Orlando was very lucky, and had the chance to provide an event such this one on February 9th.

It has been quite some time since Firestone had the chance to bring forth an epic trance event such as this one. It was nice for the true trance supporters from all over Orlando to hear. There was a great mix between ages as well. The fans originated from the start of the EDM scene to the new young followers of today; all gathering together for a great time with great tunes. From the moment the openers came on stage, to the moment Tritonal played their last track, the energy was grandiose and positive. Everyone in the venue danced through the whole night. The crowds roared and cheered as Tritonal played new tracks as well as old favorites. The duo kept a smile on throughout the entire performance, singing and dancing along with the rest of the fans down on the floor, and those above that filled the VIP areas. Their stage set up, lights, and effects were also a great addition to the tunes and sounds that were being dropped loudly through the speakers. It was a great time for everyone at Firestone until the very end.

In the end, Tritonal amazed Orlando fans again, as they had done at EDC Orlando 2012 just two months prior. Special thanks go to HTG, Disco Donnie, and AjunaBeats for bringing forth another great gathering between music and fans. We shall have to see what Orlando has in store next, “maybe cookies?”


By Nick Altavilla

The New Year has begun, and everyone has been preparing for what 2013 is going to bring forth. Many people out there thought that the world was going to plummet straight into chaos, but the world of EDM knew the true answer to this worldwide rumor  and just kept on moving forward with upcoming shows and events. What will 2013 bring forth for Central Florida? Well, in this cold month of January, Orlando has been visited by great talents, but on January 26 it had the great pleasure of hosting one of EDM’s newer artists. This month, it was none other than Harry Rodriguez, the man everyone else in the music industry know as “Baauer”.

With only being the age of twenty-three, the young producer has only just begun to walk up the EDM ladder. But only in a small amount of time, he has been able to rise up and create a group of followers well known all over the globe. His mixing of trap music stands out over many different musicians out there. Baauer’s style has a combination of trap music with short influences of mumbathon, adding a dirtier effect to this popular genre. He is well known for his remixes of great artists such as No Doubt, and Flosstradamus.  Even though very young, he is on the right track to progress in the EDM scene. This is why on his recent visit to Club Firestone he made sure to show his fans what his music is all about.

As Firestone prepared itself for the trap bomb that was about to explode, the club seemed to be slowly filling up. But when the clock hit eleven, the crowds began to pour inside. The opening musicians did a good job in preparing the crowd for the main act. The energy in the club was grandiose, and there were nothing but excited faces throughout the whole dance floor. As the time drew closer for Baauer to take the stage the club filled with even more fans. The walls of Firestone were filled with people cheering and yelling for the trap sensation to take the tables. By the time Baauer came on stage, the club was packed; walking from one side to the other became a difficulty. No fans wanted to leave their spots. Baauer’s set began very aggressively; heavy beats and familiar songs were being played, easing more of the crowd into the dance floor. His set continued with a very high energy, but when tracks like the “Harlem Shake” were heard, the crowd roared and raged with even more excitement. It was great to see a lot of support for the new genre in the EDM world.

In the end, it was another successful event. Everyone had a lot of fun and no one left unhappy. We can thank HTG once again for putting on another great show, and starting 2013 on great terms. Now EDM fans can prepare themselves for what comes next. Hope to see everyone at “Tritonal”!



“Zo long to 2012”

“Zo long to 2012”

By Nick Altavilla

It is crazy to believe that a whole year has gone by already. It feels like just yesterday people were greeting 2012 with open arms; as if last week was April, and some crazy fanatic was quitting their job because the “rapture” was coming. Throughout this whole year, Orlando has had the privilege of being visited by great musical talents. Musicians such as Zedd, Porter Robinson, Dillion Francis, Datsik, Zomboy, Morgan Page, and many more have all come through Central Florida and brought forth performances unlike any others. But to say so long to 2012, HTG and the Evolve Group brought to Roxy the British D.J. and producer, Mat Zo.

Born Matan Zohar, the 22 year old musician was born in London, England. From the age of two until elven years old, Zo and his family lived in Cleveland, Ohio. Coming from a family musically oriented he was given his first instrument at the age of nine by his father. From this point on, music had become a large aspect of his life. It was at age eleven that he moved back to London and continued pursuing his career in music. But it was after hearing the works of musicians such as Daft Punk and The Chemical Brothers that his passion for electronic music exploded. He is known for producing tracks such as “Bipolar” and “Equinox”; and also for his collaborations with Arty and Porter Robinson for tracks like “Mozart” and “Easy”. Zo’s is also known for his drum and bass productions under the name “MRSA”.

The night began rather calmly. It seemed as if it was going to be a slow night for the British D.J. but the crowd seemed very happy to be proved wrong. As the second opener “Intrikit” took over the turntables the epic sounds of progressive trance filled the club from wall to wall. Intrikit managed to keep a great energy and was able to keep everyone in the club dancing. Her combinations of trance and house were very smooth and very ballad oriented. She provided the fans with a great set of tunes that would prepare them for the main act that was soon to come. As her set came to an end, Intrikit transitioned out of the trance genre into progressive house. She then stopped her music, took a bow, and gave the reigns to the one and only Mat Zo.

The energy in the club was already grandiose. But when Mat Zo took over the stage it was as if a bomb had gone off. Every single fan in the club was dancing. By this time the club was filled people. The dance floors, both downstairs and upstairs, were filled with dancers enjoying themselves to the tunes played by the young D.J. Zo provided his fans with a fun holiday treat. He took everyone on a journey through the genres of progressive house and trance, and even threw in a bit of an edge with a few electro house tracks. Listeners were able to enjoy some of his own works such as Bipolar, Loop, and Rebound; also great collaborations like Mozart were heard throughout the night. Mat Zo maintained a high energy set keeping everyone alive and jumping. It was all smiles and positive vibes all through the night. In conclusion to the night, the music was a combination of epic trance and house, which progressed amazingly.

As sad as it was to end another great show, this is only the beginning to a wonderful 2013. Once again special thanks go to HTG Events, and to the Evolve Group for hosting two great events back to back these last two weeks of 2012.

“Holiday Greetings from Adventure Club”

By Nick Altavilla

It has been over a month now since Orlando was the host to the popular Electric Daisy Carnival. It was an amazing time for EDM fans, and the wait for next years’ EDC keeps going. Since then this area of Central Florida has been visited by great artists such as Dillion Francis, and Fedde Le Grand. But on the cold night of December 22nd to bring forth the holidays, an adventure erupted at Roxy nightclub.

The night began at an early time for EDM fans. Guests began to arrive at the event around 10:00pm. It was to no one’s belief that this event was about to become packed wall to wall. By the time 11:00pm came the line was out the door. EDM fans stood outside in the cold weather waiting impatiently to be let in to experience this holiday adventure. But it was once inside the club that this holiday experience truly began to take off, and it was thanks to none other than the one and only musical duo “Adventure Club”.

The Canadian duo Adventure Club originated out of Montreal. Made up of two high school friends, Christian Srigley and Leighton James, the duo originated as a hardcore punk band right out of high school, but it was after coming together that they decided to switch their sounds towards electronic music. Adventure Club features an assortment of high energy dub-step and complextro, with high vocals and drops. They are known for their remix of “Crave You”, but it was their remix of the song “Daisy” by the rock band Brand New that helped them rise quickly in the EDM scene. As of today Adventure Club has been touring Europe and North America, attending events this year such as EDC Las Vegas. This has led them to Roxy nightclub for this holiday experience.

The club did a great job in bringing the holiday season forth for fans. Christmas decorations lined the ceilings and walls making everyone in the crowds feel jolly even though the event was packed wall to wall. But how busy it was did not matter. The moment the duo took the stage the holiday crowd screamed with excitement, great energy rippled through the club and the night began.

Adventure Club began their set by throwing the crowd in a groove of high energy dancing with some fast paced electro-house. Once they had obtained the spectators attention, the music dropped, and the genre switched from a fast paced beats to groovy trapp music, allowing everyone to enter a trance of heavy bass lines and hard drops. After a good forty minutes into their set, the Canadian duo pulled the crowd from their trapp groove and brought them into their glitch sounds with their astonishing dub-step. Great tracks such as Knife Party’s Rage Valley were used in the great transitioning of their set. But all of this was part of duo’s master plan to bring the crowd back into a heavy bass high energy complextro set for which they are known and loved for. Tracks such as Porter Robinson’s Language were heard during the last half of their set.

Being great crowd pleasers, Adventure Club finished their set with great vocals and the crowd went wild once they got to hear the infamous “Crave You”. But just as every other show comes to an end, this one had to also.  Special thanks go to HTG Events and the Evolve group for helping put together an amazing event; it was a great Christmas present provided for EDM fans. Now, we wait for Mat Zo to help us close out the year.


By Nick Altavilla

It is crazy to believe that the year is almost over. It feels like just yesterday it was May 2011 and fans all over Florida were getting ready for the EDC’s great debut in Central Florida. Although last year was a blast, no one knew 2012 would be even better.

Looking back to August, we remember the beginning of “The Road to EDC”. Orlando has had visits from great talents such as Morgan Page, Datsik, Amon Tobin, Porter Robinson, Zedd, and many more. But all these events were only there to lead us to the grand act. The most awaited music festival in all of Orlando, EDC 2012!

What can be said other than “NO RAIN THIS TIME!” EDC 2012 exploded in Orlando this month of November. All fans were very happy with the new date. The weather was phenomenal the whole weekend. Low seventy’s throughout the early parts of the day, leading into a chilly night. But chilly is nothing to worry about. With activities such as constant dancing and carnival rides, a chilly night is nothing but an amazing addition to this great event. The timing could not have been better! And thanks to daylight savings time, daylight ends around 6.00PM, which allowed the festival to come to life sooner than later! As darkness hits, all the rides come alive. Lights flare up all over EDC bringing the beauty of color all over Tinker Field. The projection of daisies all over the Orange Citrus Bowl was a sight to not be forgotten.

The crowds of EDC Orlando roared with excitement as the music is projected throughout the whole event. With three stages, fans were able to receive a good variety of music which fed entertainment to all different genres of EDM.

On Friday the 9th, the first day of EDC, all carnival goers were able to listen to assortments of Tech House, Dub-step, Trance, Electro-house, and Progressive-house. Great minds and talents such as Schoolboy, Krewella, and Danny Avila filled the first part of the day, bringing forth a great energy and stirring up the crowd for what the rest of the evening was to bring. The energy flowed and kept rising as more carnival goers arrived and the night settled in. The evening was then taken over by individuals such as Porter Robinson, Markus Schulz, and Bassnectar. Nothing but great beats filled the atmosphere. The rides were filled with lines of people who stood with anticipation to be the next ones on the Ripper or the Fire Saw while they enjoyed sets from their favorite D.Js. The night then came to an end with the talents such as Tiesto, Borgore, and Richie Hawtin. Friday night was definitely something not to miss.

With a successful Day 1, everybody was excited for what Day 2 had in store for the fans. With another great set of musicians, there was nothing anyone could have done to not have a fantastic time at EDC Orlando. The day began with calmer weather than Friday, giving everyone a bit of time before they had to pull out their jackets for the evening. The energy was just as amazing Saturday as it was on Friday. The whole EDC population was filled with thousands of smiles from friends enjoying a great time together to their favorite styles of EDM.  Saturday brought great performances of musicians such as Tritonal, Shermanolgy, Morgan Page, Afrojack, Rehab, and world #1 D.J. Armin Van Buuren. There was not a dull moment the whole night. There was not a dull moment the whole weekend. But carnival goers continued the party for just a bit longer at Firestone for the official after hour’s event.

Like all good times, they must come to an end. EDC Orlando 2012 was a great success. Orlando is very excited and anticipates the coming of EDC 2013. Special thanks go to HTG Events, Insomniac, Disco Donnie, and all of their staff. Thank you so much for bringing an amazing experience to Central Florida, and we hope you keep the EDM scene alive as you have been doing so far.




Sensation tantalizes New York with its first American show

Fernando Barragan
Brooklyn, NY. – After a much-anticipated US debut, that was years in the making, the global dance music phenomenon ‘Sensation’ (formerly Sensation White) arrived in America the last weekend of October. The two-night show took place at the brand new Barclays Arena in Brooklyn, New York. The electronic dance music festival sets itself apart from the rest of the EDM shows by bringing a serious production element to the audience. There isn’t a huge roster of big named DJs playing their own genre, but a ‘house’ only group of DJs intertwined the music with the atmosphere. It is the quintessential journey for a house music fan because it is all about the vibe and theme ‘Innerspace’.

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